Excelling the fashion trends for esteemed motorbike riding, Robiqa Enterprise has successfully wedged apart the industry with cutting edge technology. Over the last 25 years, we have boarded ourselves with latest and trendy fashion lines in safety kits manufacturing for motorcyclists. It is our dedicated management under whose leadership; Robiqa has successfully evolved a vision of merging style, comfort and protection with layered coating of style which makes every ride a unique and spectacular.

This journey of amazing of materials research and product development started back in 1992, when Robiqa unleashed its outstanding quality bespoke leather gloves and jackets to respective market. Over the long span of time, technological evolution and business headway was not easy for. It is our platoon of highly qualified materials research team, designers, technicians, weavers and model makers who helped us achieving what we are today along with sheer trust of our customers on Robiqa. Our state of the art product line has become more of a passion for motorcyclists than a need itself.

We have never set boundaries, hence glorifying this stream of expansion; Robiqa has already entered into classy leather footwear line for both casual fashion and motorcycling. With the tiring efforts of our maestro designer squad trying to create a competitive shadow in regards to design and fashion trends, a diverse range of fashion apparel is all set to replace big names. Our quality and explicit trend setter product range is designed to keep your esteem high.

For a decade now, bikers associate Robiqa with high-quality textile apparel which combines style and protection in a compact exhibitory that has no match. Today, not only products, but our customer support and sales services are equally vigilant to provide our customers an experience of lifetime for bespoke product development.