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Who Are We?

About Robiqa Enterprises

The Best in the World

We are best in manufacturing great-looking gear that gives the utmost tear/graze strength and has the finest shield for protection, covering more of the body than any other motorbike apparel. No other firm can match the tear/graze and seam strength of our apparel. Our apparel is 100% Waterproof/Windproof/Breathable and above all CE CERTIFIED. You will not need to have different gear for different weather. We can fix, modify, and custom size no matter how small or big the rider can be.

Robiqa Enterprises started selling motorcycle apparel in 1992. It was created by people that know and love all things on 2 wheels. For 30 years Robiqa Enterprises was the biggest motorcycle apparel firm in the world (Robiqa enterprises is one of the pioneer motorbike apparel firm). When you combine the experience of the company owners, they have racked up several years of experience in the motorbike market and it is this knowledge combined with a real focus on making sure that you get treated right that helps us deliver a service that keeps our customers coming back.

Being a (manufacturer) brand we provide you the reliable and sustainable apparel, which enhances your performance as a biker and makes you carefree to ride to the end of the world.

As there are several motorbike apparel providers, but not all can assure you the following at the same time,

  • Sustainability
  • Reliability
  • Long-lasting
  • 100% refundable

Our Values

As a firm policy, we believe in living and working globally approved business beliefs and norms that distinguish Globe from its equivalents. Values – trustworthiness, integrity, and human pride, besides ethical attitude in engagements with all linked stakeholders; customers, suppliers, workers, and others, remain close to our hearts ensuing in our hard-earned reputation and accomplishment.

Why Choose Us?

We have an amazing team of leaders and personnel armed with up-to-date machinery. Every member of the production division has extensive experience.

We produce all the products with love and care by keeping in mind the up-to-date trend of market and buyer behavior. Continuously manufacture the product adored by both sellers and buyers.

We never settle on the quality of products. We have a harsh quality control system to manufacture 100% correct products either in material, designs or accessories.

We provide several product models in every product category that likewise helps our customers to pick the ones that meet their requirements.

Do not miss to check our entire variety of premium quality apparel. Our apparel is not merely strong and top-quality, on the other hand, they look fantastic. Browse our variety of apparel online now! Browse our variety of jackets, pants, and gloves that will support developing the hold and control between you and your bike while giving safety should you ever fall!