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Riding Jacket


A protector jacket is a type of motorcycle jacket designed with additional armor and padding to provide extra protection to riders. Protectors riding jackets typically feature armor plates on the back, chest, and elbows with padding in the key to keep you safe during a crash.


  • 1 inner pocket on the thermal liner
  • 4 Outer Pockets
  • Inner / Mobile Pockets
  • Pockets for Protectors
  • Reflective Inserts
  • Waterproof Cargo Pockets


  • Collar With Soft Fabric
  • Jackets-Pants Fastening System
  • Lengthened Back
  • Waist, Wrist & Arm Adjustment

Main Material:

  • Polyester Cordura 600 D
  • Waterproof & Breathable Membrane


  • Protectors on Back, Elbow, Shoulders


  • Fix Mesh Lining
  • Airvent Zips on Front, Back & Arm
  • Removable Thermal Liner
ce certified